• Soft Roof Top Tent
  • Soft Roof Top Tent
  • Soft Roof Top Tent
  • Soft Roof Top Tent

Soft Roof Top Tent

Soft roof top tent is typically smaller in size for actual transport, but can open up and allow for extra quarters to be attached and essentially double in size.

Soft top Tent :

Fly: 420D Polyester Oxford PU 3000mm,W/P,W/R

Body: 280g Polyester-Cotton(Canvas) PU 3000mm,W/P, W/R

Ladder: Aluminum Telescopic Ladder

Mounting Bar: 55" Long

Mattress: 94.5"x53"x2" Sponge Non-Deforming Sponge Mattress, Density 30 Cover: 550g PVC

Unfolding Size: 122"x64"x49.5" / Packing Size: 64"x11"x49.5" in carton

weight: 132lbs

Warranty: 1 Year Limited

Vehicle Roof Racks/Cross Bars Requirement: Your cross bars MUST be at least 30" apart and height is less than 1.5"; Please consult your vehicle's manufacturer regarding the load limit.







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