3 rail motorcycle trailer usage guidelines and methods
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One, the preparation work before using 3 rail motorcycle trailer, you need to have a car with decent power and install the trailer ball head for it. In addition, in order to meet the safety standards for driving on the road, you need to make a plug for the light system on the trailer. So that the trailer also has lights at night to provide the appropriate warning effect. This is very important because it is related to the safety of driving. In addition, in order to fix the 3 rail motorcycle trailer, you need to prepare several nylon ropes with snaps, as well as at least two sets of tensioners for each vehicle.

3 rail motorcycle trailer

Second, there are many kinds of 3 rail motorcycle trailers, basically similar. The rear of the trailer will open the plate, will form a ramp, if you are very high technology, you can try to put things up, of course, if you feel a touch of unease, or find a helper to help you hold the point it. After the front wheel enters the fixed slot, be sure to pay attention to the brake disc. If there is a bump between the brake disc and the slot, it will cause damage to the disc. When fixing the car need to pay special attention, if there is cardboard or some soft material at hand, it is recommended to pad in the middle of the brake disc and the slot.

Three, the next is how to fix the 3 rail motorcycle trailer, this is still very delicate. We use two sets of tensioners, by hooking the handlebars will be balanced on both sides of the fixed ring. When tensioning, pay attention to both sides of the force evenly, to ensure that the goods upright. Shock absorption is compressed as much as possible, so that the goods will be more stable during transportation. (During transportation, do not put down the side ladder, because when it is bumpy, the side ladder will bear more force and may cause damage. And the use of tensioner fixed can well absorb part of the vibration, will not cause hard damage to the goods.)

Fourth, after the goods are fixed, the goods are already basically fixed firmly because the forks are compressed by a certain amount. In order to prevent the rear wheel from jumping when bumping, it needs to be further fixed so that it fits tightly on the top of the towing plate.

galvanized utility trailer

Five, so the 3 rail motorcycle trailer is fixed. The trailer and the main vehicle are fixed by the ball head. After fixing, it must be locked to prevent the trailer from separating from the main vehicle in case of bumps. In order to double insurance, also need to trailer comes with steel cable bolted to the main car trailer ring above, this will be more secure.

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