• Galvanized Boat Trailer ATM750KG

Galvanized Boat Trailer ATM750KG

4.3 Metre Wobble Roller Boat Trailer ATM750KG

• Technical Specifications

Suits fibreglass boats From 4.0 meters(13.1ft) to 4.5 meters(14.8ft)

Length overall

5.19 meters

Width overall

2.02 meters

Distance between guards

1.57 meters





• Configurations

Fully hot dipped galvanised frame

Chassis main beam size:70mm x 50mm x 2.5mm

Cross bar size:50mm x 50mm x 2.5mm

Single round solid axle dacromet treated

5 Leaf springs dacromet treated

LED submergible lights

Flat or round 7 Pin Plug

Brand new 165 R13C tyres on galvanised rims,ford hubs

Fold up 6'jockey wheel

4 Keel rollers & 12 wobble rollers

3:1 500kg Hand winch with 7m strap and hook

Plastic mudguards

Heavy duty safety chain

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